Australia 2015 – Flights and Arrivals (Day 1-2 )

We Set off for Heathrow at 10.30 on Sunday 1st Feb although it was a bright day still a bracing 5 degrees, We made good time so stopped for Coffee at the Radisson Blue Edwardian which we will be staying at when we get back and is nice and close to the airport.Rassison Blu CCoffeeRassison Blu CCoffee
We checked in all went lovely and smoothly and after a walk around the shops and a nice bottle of perfume ( Ysattis) from duty free  we settle down in no 1 lounge for nibbles and a light supper waiting for the flight to open. A glass of champers helped it down nicely.

We board at 8.30 for a 9.15 take off and get comfortable ( Economy not the biggest seats BTW) at 10.15 we take off finally after the ground crew have to change a wheel ( while we are sat on the plane ) – big jack apparently! and then the Pilot tells us they are going to spray de-icer on the wings as they have iced up ( -2 by now in Heathrow) and he says “ice guys is not good on wings” – you don’t say ! lol

So flight is ok and the best thing is the web cam in the tail which gives you fab views on take off and landing! View on my screen from tail camView on my screen from tail cam

It manages to make some time up but not all of it and by the time we reach Dubai we have missed our slot so have to wait for a new one and we also have to get off in Dubai and go around security again to get back on  while they clean the plane – pain in the bum but cant be helped.

Flying in to DubaiFlying in to Dubai

When we arrive in Sydney airport 13 hours ( and one or two unusual smells on the plane – not all from me 😉  ) later, We seem to have hit hell! It was chaos with lots of people including us with new E passports and not knowing what to do with them so there were queues and then queues for queues, we figured it out and managed to find the transfer to domestic departures and as we were late landing we had already missed our connection to Brisbane but Quantas had re-booked us on to a later flight – which we still were too late for!  It was fine its an hourly service so we were just re booked on the next one and to be honest it was a smooth turn around and the extra time was good as it meant we landed later and also had a bit of a break between flights.

At least we can say we saw Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house ( just -as we flew past )At least we can say we saw Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house ( just -as we flew past )

Finally we arrived in to an overcast but very hot and humid Brisbane (29 degrees) after seeing some amazing sights on the way including Morton Island with is the third largest sand island in the world and stunning

Morton Island ( i believe)Morton Island ( i believe)

And at last we were here.


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